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ABREC, your hub for renewable energy in Africa

You can send us your proposed project in clean energy to invite feedback from the team of experts in the  African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company. 

Download the document proposal above   Download the document proposal above

The document you send must be in doc or pdf form. Please ensure that all the contact details are included so that we may be able to get in touch with you. Also ensure that the email that you send to us is accurate and sent in the form email@example.com.

As soon as you send the document  (after pressing  on the submit  button) you should receive an automatic reply which will confirm that your proposal has been succesfuly sent to ABREC. In case you do not receive this message please check that it is not in your spam mail or contact us at infos@saber-abrec.org or tel  +228 22 21 68 64


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To contact us please email infos@saber-abrec.org

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