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ABREC 2015 annual report is now available, both in French and English versions ABREC 2015 annual report is now available, both in French and English versions
It has been strategic year for our organisation, marked by strong acceleration in our operational activities and greater impact on the international scene.
The deployment of innovative energy technologies via projects where ABREC provides delegated project management is currently reflected in significant results.
Thanks to PRODERE1, PROVES2, and the MICROSOL project - to mention but 3 examples - several million inhabitants already have, or will very soon have, access to sustainable energy services.
Furthermore, in 2015, ABREC established itself as an international player committed to fighting climate change, particularly during the COP21 conference. Our communication campaigns have also enabled us to make investors aware of the tremendous potential of the renewable energy market in Africa.
This momentum is demonstrated in the reinforcement of our team, which now numbers 17 persons.
Together, we will continue with our mission of increased access to energy throughout the African continent in 2016, with the aim of boosting economic development and improving living conditions for local populations.
Download ABREC 2015 annual report.

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